Stargate SG-1
Season five box set

Starring: Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping & Christopher Judge
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Certificate: 12
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Fans of Stargate SG-1 can now purchase the entire fifth season as one complete boxset. This collection is basically the six discs that were originally released, but now inserted into a rather attractive cardboard box.

Season five never quite manages to match the same quality as season four, but it is still a fantastic season. It sets off in the right direction with Enemies. The replicator bugs are back and are much meaner (and you can tell the effects department have been given bags more cash to throw at the effects). While this episode does not conclude the season four cliff-hanger as predictably as I had thought it would (stranded light-years from Earth without a Stargate how will our heroes get back home? Simple! Board Apophis's ship and use his Stargate) the alternative solution is much better executed and I now know why I am not a script writer for the show.

Highlights of this season include the Teal'c story Threshold where we get to see how everyone's favourite Jaffa came to be in the employ of Apophis, why he chose to defy his goa'uld master and charts his history right up until the time he meets up with SG-1 for the first time.

The Fifth Man is intriguing. With a fifth member of SG-1 appearing on the scene. But why is it that SGC treat him as though he has always been a part of SG-1? Some great acting and a well plotted script keep the viewer in suspense for the duration.

The Tomb is a well paced, no-brainer episode. Sit back and enjoy the ride. This has all the best elements of Aliens condensed into 45 mins. The plot unravels at a cracking pace and the whole episode reminds us why Stargate is such a damn great series.

Wormhole X-Treme is the shows 100th episode and brings back Martin Lloyd, the alien - who doesn't know he's an alien - trapped on Earth. This time around he is the writer on a sci-fi TV show which has more than a passing resemblance of the SGC. The fact that the shows producers poke fun at themselves is refreshing, but it didn't quiet live up to my expectations. Don't get me wrong, it is very funny. It's just I was hoping for a little more action on the Wormhole X-Treme set. It's good to see that most of the extras are real people from behind the scenes on the Stargate series and the fake-bloobers at the end of the episode are probably the best part.

Menace, which sees SG-1 return to Earth with an artificial humanoid is one of my personal favourites of this season. It was written by James Tichenor, who is responsible for leading the visual effects team. While the episode itself is fairly run-of-the-mill there are two nice twists which are quite shocking. The conclusion is so unexpected that it makes you question everything you every knew about one member of the SGC, but it is an incredibly moving conclusion.

There are tons of extras including commentaries and actor's video diaries which help to make this collection fantastic value for money. All in all this collection is a must buy for any serious SG-1 fan and the fact that the discs come in at around £10 each is even better news.

Darren Rea

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