Call it a Stargate

Starring: Peter Ward, Ian Paterson & Lee Burt
Superteam Productions
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Certificate: PG
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SG-1 are attacked on Tulak and Daniel Jackson is captured by a mysterious alien. Now the race is on to save Jackson, but Stargate Command have other problems to contend with: the evil System Lord Kermez is heading towards Earth and he doesn't plan to take any prisoners...

If you have seen the first two Call it a Stargate movies then you will be glad to hear that the lads from Hounslow have made another instalment. Breakdown, however, is a little more complex than previous outings.

I personally didn't enjoy this instalment as much as the last two episodes - there seemed to be way to much going on and the jokes were not as subtle as we have come to expect. The effects, as usual are pretty impressive - there is a great scene where the camera pans from James the alien's quarters, out through the window to show that we are travelling through deep space in a huge spacecraft. There are also some great explosion effects which are superimposed onto shots of houses - which adds to the realism.

There are still plenty of laughs (There is a fantastic laugh out loud moment as Jackson is blasted towards the screen near the beginning of the film) but for some reason the majority of the gags are more likely to make you groan than have you laugh out loud.

There is also an incredibly well choreographed fight sequence towards the end of the movie - although this scene may have worked better if the mysterious masked alien had kept his mask on.

Yet another superb fan film - one that all Stargate SG-1 fans should see. But don't just take my word for it. You can see the movie free by clicking here.

Also fans will be pleased to hear that not only are Superteam hard at work on their fourth Stargate instalment, but there are plans to make a Starship Troopers movie as well.

Nick Smithson

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