Tiny Planets
Bing and Bong's Big Adventures

Starring: Bing and Bong
Carlton Visual Entertainment
RRP: 12.99
Certificate: U
Available now

Bing and Bong are two adorable aliens who explore an extraordinary universe from the comfort of their fluffy white sofa.
Tiny Planets is full of adventure, fun and learning. In this release the loveable pair escape from a runaway train, learn to ride their scooters together, go fishing and have many more escapades in 13 fun episodes...

For those of you have been living on a different planet for the last year, Tiny Planets sees two aliens, Bing and Bong, travelling through space on their sofa - which is launched by a gigantic catapult from their home planet, and kept in check by a bungee rope of cosmic proportions.

In their solar system are six planets, which represent the recognised areas of learning appropriate for children in the 3-5 year old age range - Nature, Sound, Technology, Self, Stuff and Light and Colour. While on these planets Bing and Bong meet the 'locals' small and cute bouncy creatures as well as 'Flockers' who go through life in a state of permanent bewilderment - I know how they feel.

Bing and Bong's Big Adventures should keep any small child (and most adults) entertained for hours. And once they've watched all 13 episodes then they can watch them again and again - I've already watched this half a dozen times and believe me you can't have too much Bing and Bong. And there are some great extras if you have access to a DVD-Rom drive

This DVD collection is certainly out of this world and will keep the little ones happy (and quiet) for ages.

Amber Leigh

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