The Death of the Incredible Hulk

Starring: Lou Ferrigno, Bill Bixby and Elizabeth Ward Gracen
20th Century Fox
RRP: £12.99

Certificate: 12
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Desperately trying to rid himself of his monster-like alter ego once and for all, Doctor Banner sneaks into a government research lab run by Dr Ronald Pratt hoping to find a solution. When Pratt discovers Banner's plight, he offers to help. But a beautiful spy who's out to steal Pratt's ideas for terrorists forces Banner to choose between love and loyalty, good and evil and ultimately, life and death...

It is pretty obvious that The Death of the Incredible Hulk has been released to capitalise on the publicity surrounding the new Hulk movie (for goodness sake the DVD cover even looks like the movie teaser poster) or am I an old cynic?

This extended episode (90 mins in length) is the finale to the 1970/80 TV series which saw Doctor David (not Bruce like in the comic books) Banner moving from town to town, getting into some kind of trouble, getting angry and turning green.

I hadn't seen an episode of The Incredible Hulk since I was about eight, so I was really looking forward to watching this. However, as the episode opened I was surprised to see that Banner seemed a little on the simple side. There he was with a job as a cleaner (no surprise as he always had a new job every week) with the memory of a goldfish - what had happened to the great doctor?

But then everything fell into place. He was acting dumb on purpose to allow him to work as a cleaner in a laboratory during the day, and then sneak into one of the labs, to try to cure his condition, in the evenings.

This has such a low budget that in places you can't help laughing out loud. Lou Ferrigno's Hulk is painfully funny, running around in slow motion and flexing his muscles at every opportunity.

The biggest complaint, apart from the fact there are no extras of any description, is that the title gives away the last two minutes.

If you want to relive your youth then this is worth a look, although at £13 it is a little expensive for something you will watch once and then give to your local charity shop.

Nick Smithson

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