Family Guy
Season 3

20th Century Fox
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Certificate: 15
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Join the dysfunctional Griffin family (Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris and Stewie) and their Martini-swilling dog Brian as they fight against the norm. This season centres around Peter and Brian's drinking binges, Lois and Meg's struggle against the disgraceful men in their lives and one year old Stewie's repeated attempts to kill his mother and take over the world...

Season three of Family Guy contains 22 episodes making this a three disc set (season two was a two disc set) and Fox have kindly kept the price down to the same as that of the season two release.

This season sees Stewie attempt to stop his father from producing any more sperm, in order to ensure no further spread of eh Griffin genepool.

There are plenty of sci-fi references which include Quantum Leap, in the Kiss Seen Around the World; Superman in Lethal Weapons; an appearance of a wild Margot Kidder (of Superman fame) and The Hulk in Mr Saturday Night. The episode Emission Impossible borrows heavily from the Fantastic Voyage; From Method to Madness sees the use of an M.I.B. "flashy thing"; Stuck Together, Torn Apart has a Raiders of the Lost Ark reference; and Road to Europe contains a Empire Strikes Back reference. I won't spoil them by telling you what they are... see if you can spot them.

There are also plenty of sci-fi guest voice over artists. Majel Barrett Roddenberry (of Star Trek fame) plays the part of a computer; Wallace Shawn (Grand Negus Zek in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) plays a sperm and Adam West (1960s Batman) turns up in a few episodes.

There is plenty of controversy and picking at minors in this season. Possibly the best is a whole episode dedicated to slating the British. One if by Clam, Two if by Sea is fantastically funny (this episode also has a Tron homage woven into the story)

Who cares that this contains no extras, it is still possibly the best £25 you could spend this month.

Nick Smithson

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