The Wisher

Starring: Ron Silver, Liane Balaban and Drew Lachey
Mosaic Entertainment

Certificate: 18
Available now

The Wisher has just opened in cinema's nationwide and audiences are having some serious reactions to the film. With a love of horror films and scaring herself to death, 17 year old Mary decides to see what all the fuss is about. But within minutes of her watching The Wisher, she becomes uncharacteristically scared and has to leave the cinema. After this event, strange things start happening to Mary and those she cares about and it is not long before she starts to realise that the monster from
The Wisher movie seems to be somehow responsible...

The Wisher could have been a really bad movie, instead it is just bad. Every cliché in the book is dragged out and paraded in front of the audience.

It was a shame that the producers didn't keep The Wisher monster hidden for the majority of the movie. The suggestion of a monster would have been a lot more scary than the Goth in a postal sack that we keep glimpsing.

The acting is pretty good and you do get a quick naked scene with the token sexy girl, but other than that there isn't much to recommend this movie. I had worked out the ending way before the conclusion (I don't think I'm spoiling anything here, but don't you get suspicious when a character turns up in a few scenes, has a few lines and then doesn't seem to have anything else to do?)

There are also some extras on this disc, but they really shouldn't have bothered. A very lame two minute interview with the main cast and a 2 minute behind the scenes look at three different (and rather dull) shots from the movie is just not exciting in anyone's book. Although, the alternate ending was interesting.

It's not really bad. It's just that in a market flooded with this genre it doesn't offer much that hasn't already been seen.

Pete Boomer