The New Adventures of Wonder Woman
Volume 2

Starring: Lynda Carter
Warner Home Video
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Certificate: U
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Wonder Woman investigates the disappearance of an intelligence plane over the Bermuda Triangle. But defeating the man responsible could lead to nuclear tests that would threaten Diana's own people...

As a kid, I always used to wonder why we never saw Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) changing back into her alter ego, Diana Prince. Does she twirl around again, perhaps in the opposite direction? For a moment during this episode, Bermuda Triangle Crisis, I thought I was about to witness such an event, but instead she changes into yet another outfit - her full-body diving costume, which makes its first appearance in the series.

Perhaps to compensate for the fact that the diving suit covers up her thighs for part of this instalment, Diana's trousers get ripped during an earlier scene, so she ends up chopping off the legs to make a very skimpy pair of shorts!

This is an extremely lively episode, full of action and glossy-looking location work, and with a larger than usual role for Normann Burton (who played Felix Leiter in Diamonds Are Forever) as Joe Atkinson. Wonder Woman's dilemma regarding the threat to Paradise Island adds an extra dimension to the plot.

Steve Trevor is kidnapped by terrorists. The same group has also set its sights on other members of the Inter Agency Defense Command, including Diana Prince...

With Steve (Lyle Waggoner) out of action during most of the episode Knockout, Diana is assisted by an ex-marine taxi driver called Pete, an appealing stand-in role fulfilled by Knots Landing's Ted Shackelford.

Meanwhile, Doctor Who fans might be interested to know that this instalment also features Tom Baker. However, this particular Tom Baker is just the name of an IADC agent played by Burr DeBenning. If anything, he looks more like John Levene's Sergeant Benton than the Fourth Doctor.

As with the previous episode, events are wrapped up rather summarily - and cheaply - by means of a discussion after the fact back at IADC headquarters, which makes for a rather disappointing ending on this occasion.

Diana and Steve go undercover to avoid a diplomatic incident when a notorious thief attempts to steal the crown jewels of a visiting queen...

The Queen and the Thief very nearly gives us a tale of two Leiters. It features not only Normann Burton as Joe, but also guest-stars David Hedison - who played Felix in Live and Let Die and Licence to Kill - in the role of the charming but devilishly cunning thief Evan Robley. (Come to think of it, Lyle Waggoner might not have made a bad Felix Leiter himself.) With Steve once again put out of action, this instalment provides ample opportunity for engaging banter between Diana/Wonder Woman and Robley.

This episode also holds interest for Star Trek fans, since it features John Colicos (alias the Klingon Kor) as Ambassador Orrick.

As with the previous volume, the extras comprise a photo gallery and a couple of text features - The Many Faces of Wonder Woman and The History of Wonder Woman. The latter actually deals with the character's Silver Age comic book biography, rather than that of the TV series, so don't get too confused when it claims that Diana married Steve in the 1960s.

Despite its slightly shorter running time, this is a better collection of episodes than Volume 1.

Richard McGinlay

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