Stargate SG-1
Volume 31

Starring: Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge & Corin Nemec
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Certificate: PG
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On a routine mission, SG-1 encounters a civilisation desperate to be freed from the clutches of a Goa'uld. While on the planet, Jonas falls ill and is suspended from active duty. His mysterious illness is diagnosed as a brain tumour but gives him the ability to glimpse the future... a future where O'Neill and SG-1 are walking into a trap...

Prophecy feels as thought it was designed for Corin Nemec's character to bow out of the series and allow for Daniel Jackson's return - whether that is the case is up to you to find out by watching, but it is not one of the most original SG-1 episodes. However it is a well written episode and it is interesting to see how the plot is woven together.

Daniel Jackson appears to O'Neill and alerts him that Anubis has located the Eye of Ra, a fabled object of power hidden somewhere on Abydos. With Daniel's help, O'Neill and SG-1 find the Eye first. But, determined to have it, Anubis threatens to destroy the entire planet unless Daniel and SG-1 hand it over...

Full Circle has some fantastic scenes between Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks which add credibility and much needed humour. It was also interesting to learn that the conclusion of this episode was written in such a way that it would keep the door open for a seventh season, a movie, or simply conclude the whole series. A good episode which brings back a few old friends.

There are extra extras on this disc - as with all season conclusions there are only two episodes on this DVD. However, this time around there seems to be fewer extras than normal - if you follow me. The only additional feature is a one hour special on season seven of Stargate. While this is entertaining I was expecting a little more.

Darren Rea

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