Dragonball Z

Super Saiya Son Goku

Staring: Various
Warner Vision International
RRP 12.99
Certificate: PG
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With a giant asteroid on a rapid collision course with Earth the end of the world seems nigh. Thankfully Goku and his best friend Krillin are on hand to race above the clouds to intercept and destroy the destructive orb before impact. However a dark aircraft descends from the surface of the asteroid with the evil Lord Slug and his army on board. Their mission is to seize control of the Earth, steal its natural resources and ultimately wipe out the entire human race. His discovery of the Dragonballs ensures that nothing will stop his plans coming to fruition. Now armed with the powers of the Dragonballs, Lord Slug is invincible. Will Goku save the planet and destroy the mysterious invader?...

Super Saiya Son Goku (try asking for that title at your local branch of Woolies and see where it gets you) is the latest in the Dragonball Z line of Japanese animated episodes released by Warner Vision International.

The story is entertaining enough and the animation is as you would expect - not exactly Disney, but it does the trick.

At just under 50 minutes, this is a little overpriced. Why two or three episodes couldn't have been included is a mystery. How about four episodes and selling this for £19.99 wouldn't that have made more sense?

Extras are poor too. A Weblinks page and a selection of pages of trading cards are hardly like to fuel the imagination of many Dragonball Z fan.

Having said that, if you are a Dragonball Z fan then you will enjoy the episode. It's just a shame there isn't more content.

Nick Smithson

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