Tiny Planets
Bing And Bong's Chills And Thrills

Starring: Bing and Bong
Carlton Visual Entertainment
RRP: £12.99
Certificate: U
Available now

Bing and Bong are back with a selection of weather themed adventures. They stomp about in the snow, get blown about by the wind, splash in the rain and learn all about the cold season...

Another Tiny Planets DVD, but this time around instead of simply transferring the episodes on to the DVD as they appeared on TV, a little more thought has gone into the presentation. The episodes in Chills and Thrills have been linked together in batches of three or four episodes and are much easier to watch if you are a parent.

There is also narration for these episodes in the form of Halley, a cute little blue alien who follows Bing and Bong as they go on their adventures. The addition of Halley is exclusive to the DVD and she helps to stitch everything together. Not only that, but she also offers children a recap of what they have learned for each episode.

All episodes in this collection will keep children, and most adults, entertained for more than one viewing. And once you've watched all the episodes they can join in the interactive quiz.

The only question I have is why on earth did someone decide that "Flockers" was an acceptable name for one of the race of aliens? When Halley says: "Watch out for those Flockers" you'll be forced to ask whether you heard her correctly. And her "Red Flocker, yellow Flocker, red Flocker, yellow Flocker" chant is rather scary and is bound to have parents shouting at kids to stop swearing. Try it yourself. It's very hard not to accidentally utter an expletive.

But ignoring this rather worrying problem, this is a well presented DVD that improves dramatically on the first release - which itself was a must buy disc. If you have children this is a must buy.

Amber Leigh

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