Scourge Of Worlds
A Dungeons And Dragons Adventure

Warner Vision International
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Certificate: 12
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Long ago, in a land ravaged by strife, an ancient race crafted the ultimate weapon to destroy their enemies and end all wars. They called it the Aryx Orthian, the Scourge of the Worlds. Hidden safely for hundreds of years, the Scourge is now sought by a new swarm of darkness threatening to unleash its secrets. To save the world, three fearless heroes - Redgar the human warrior, Lidda the rogue halfling, and Mialee the elf wizard - must embark on a treacherous quest and choose between honour and evil, between life and death...

Scourge Of Worlds: A Dungeons And Dragons Adventure is a medieval fantasy interactive movie. The innovative movie combines more than 20 decision points, four different endings and more than 990 possible story combinations allowing viewers and fans of the original role-playing game to choose their own adventure.

At last! Someone has recognised the real potential that can be unlocked by the DVD format. Instead of having a straightforward movie with some extras - which let's be honest you are unlikely to watch more than once, if at all - this DVD allows the user to truly interact with the movie. You can decide what happens to our heroes, or in the very least have a say in what you would do if you were one of them.

Your very first choice will drastically alter the turn of events that unfold later in the game. The ending itself (if you do it correctly) is always fairly similar - it must be if you are to save the planet. But, it is how you get there that alters. And the closer you get to the end, the more tricky those options become.

There are a number of choices which will leave your characters dead, or deciding not to follow the path to save the planet. But fear not. Once your mission has failed you are given the option to start the movie from a number of earlier decisions you made.

We have been playing this game as a group in the office for several days now and we are still not bored of playing it and there looks to be no end to the amusement. Kids are going to love this release. Not only can they watch a cool movie, but they get to have a say in what the characters do... How cool is that? Not only that, but older players will gain amusement from the constant bickering between the three main characters.

You don't have to be a Dungeons & Dragons fan to follow what is going on. And while the actual CGI animation is not up to the standard of movies like Shrek it is still pretty good.

Certainly the most fun we've had with a DVD.

Pete Boomer


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