Dragonball Z

Super Battle in the World

Staring: Various
Warner Vision International
RRP 12.99
Certificate: PG
Available now

A group of evil space pirates are in search of a planet on which to plant a seed from the gargantuan Tree of Might. The sacred tree will preserve their planet securing their survival. Its intrusive roots will grow at a destructive rate, sapping its host of water and minerals, creating an arid wasteland void of energy and life. Earth has been chosen...

Super Battle in the World sees the Earth under attack again with our heroes risking everything to ensure that everything carries on as normal.

While this is an impressive series, Warner Vision International should really be given a slap for sticking a £13 price tag on these DVDs.

As with the last volume, there is only one 50 minute episode on this disc - which even at £13 makes it a little on the pricey side. While the episode is entertaining enough, and the animation is your usual Manga style quality, two episodes will set you back an outrageous £26. This is terrible value for money when you compare it to other releases like Stargate SG-1 where you get four episodes and a heap of extras for £20.

While I really did enjoy the episode included here, I can't honestly recommend that anyone other than Dragonball Z fanatics, with more money than they know what to do with, part with their cash. Great episode, poor price!

Nick Smithson

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