Spongebob Squarepants

Starring: Spongebob Squarepants
Paramount Home Entertainment
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Certificate: U
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Join Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward and Mr Krabs for over-the-top adventures from down in the deep blue sea in
10 Spongebob Squarepants episodes: Scaredy Pants, Imitation Krabs, Frankendoodle, I Was A Teenage Gary, Squidward The Unfriendly Ghost, The Secret Box, Band Geeks, Welcome To The Chum Bucket, My Pretty Seahorse, and Idiot Box...

Ten Spongebob episodes for £13? Now that's what I call value for money. This collection includes five spooky tales and another five normal adventures of everyone's favourite animated sponge.

The best episodes in this collection have to be I was a Teenage Gary, in which Spongebob leaves his pet snail, Gary, in the hands of Squidward for the weekend only to discover on his return that Gary has not been fed; The Secret Box, in which Patrick has a box which contains a secret. Spongebob spends the entire episode trying to take a peak inside the box without upsetting his friend; and Idiot Box, in which Patrick and Spongebob order a large TV just so that they can play inside the box. But every time they close the lid Squidward is disturbed by the sounds coming from within. These range from a space craft being launched to a racing car - can Patrick and Spongebob's imaginations really be creating these sounds?

But, the remaining seven episodes are almost as enjoyable - is there such a thing as a bad Spongebob episode?

The extras are not very exciting - a very short compilation of clips which they call the "Spongebob Scaredy Pants music video" and a"Spongebob video game sneak peek." The fact that this game was due to be released in the Autumn of last year (2002) means that it is either late by a year - in which case avoid like the plague - or it was released ages ago and the "sneak peak" is therefore more than a little misleading.

Ignore the extras and just watch the episodes and you will not be disappointed.

Nick Smithson

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