Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Season Five

Starring: Avery Brooks
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Season five of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine shifted the focus away from the Federation and Klingon Empire disputes and back towards the threat of the Dominion. It was also the year that Star Trek celebrated its 30th Anniversary and what a treat the producers had in store for the original fans. The episode Trials and Tribble-ations is regarded by fans as one of the best episodes of DS9's seven year run.

This season also cemented the Worf/Jadzia love story in the episode Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places. Nog, Kassidy Yates, and Martok are all brought back into the show in various episodes and we discover that Julian is not what he seems.

Some classic episodes this season include the aforementioned Trials and Tribble-ations; Things Past, where we learn more of Odo's dark past when he served onboard Terok Nor' during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor; The Begotten sees Odo's mentor Dr. Mora arrive on DS9 again. This episode is as close as Trek comes to a misunderstood father/son relationship and it does it well; A Simple Investigation is a rather moving episode which sees Odo fall in love with a woman with a mysterious past; Likewise, Ties of Blood and Water is another moving episode with Legate Ghemor making a return appearance. He arrives at DS9 so that he can die with the only family he has left - Kira, who he sees as the closest thing he has to family; Children of Time, where the crew of DS9 come face to face with their descendants. But in order for these people to survive Sisko and his team must allow themselves to be hurled into the past and stranded on a remote planet.

There are far more hits than misses in season five of DS9, but there are a few below par episodes. The most noticeable being The Ascent which sees Odo and Quark trapped together on a frozen planet. Too clichéd, too long and too dull.

Steven Berkoff turns in a pretty good appearance (even if he is simply doing a "Michael Caine" and playing himself) in Business as Usual, a Ferengi episode. Light relief comes in the form of another Ferengi episode: Ferengi Love Songs. This episode sees the Grand Negus fall for Quark's mother. Not only that, but she is helping the Negus with his finances - an illegal activity on the Ferengi homeworld.

This season it is hard not to notice that Sisko is taking more and more of a back seat - almost as thought the writers have started to see him as a dull character who is there to push along the Dominion/Federation problem. When it comes to the more character driven episodes It seems that Odo is taking centre stage.

This is yet another winner of a season, not quite as strong as season four, but still damn entertaining television.

Extras include the featurettes Trials and Tribble-ations: Uniting Two Legends and Trials and Tribble-ations: A Historic Endeavour; Crew Dossier: Miles O'Brien; Inside DS9; Michael Westmore's Aliens - Season Five; The Ferengi Culture; Deep Space Nine Sketchbook: John Eaves; and the usual not very well hidden Easter eggs.

Darren Rea

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