Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

Starring: Fred Astaire and Mickey Rooney
Mosaic Entertainment
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Certificate: U
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Featuring the voice of Mickey Rooney as Santa Claus and narrated by Fred Astaire, this classic Christmas tale tells of orphan boy Kris Kringle and how he turned into the Santa Claus we all know and love today. Also included is the animated story of
The Little Drummer Boy...

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town is a classic animated story which is ideal for those little children who will be expectantly waiting for Santa to fill their stocking's full of toys. If you have a little one who asks questions like: "Why does Santa go down chimney's?" or: "Why did he start taking out toys to the world's children?" then this will help silence those inquisitive voices.

This movie tells the tale of how Santa was found as a baby and how he was brought up - following his life through to the old man we now know. The animation is pretty good, the songs are okay and, thankfully, the movie print has been scrubbed up nicely for the DVD transfer. It's also amusing to see how things have changed in recent years - would we really accept a song asking kids to sit on Santa's lap and giving him a kiss for a toy in these bleak and paranoid times? I doubt it!

In addition to this 50 minute feature, there is a 25 minute animated version of The Little Drummer Boy. This is a little dull, the animation is a bit poor in places and the DVD transfer is appalling - with plenty of scratches and bits of dust present.

This is a magical DVD that will certainly keep the young, and young at heart, warm over the festive period.

Pete Boomer

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