The People That Time Forgot

Starring: Doug McClure, Dana Gillespie, Sarah Douglas and Patrick Wayne
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Certificate: U
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When an expedition in search of a lost colleague traces his last steps in the frozen Arctic, they soon discovers a hidden tropical oasis in the middle of the frozen wasteland. It's not long before the team are witness to this land's prehistoric wildlife, and scantily clad human inhabitants. But, with their mode of transport badly damaged and the local inhabitants after their blood, can they find their man and return home safely?...

This low budget sequel to The Land That Time Forgot tries to cram too many genres into its 90 minutes of screen time. However, there is not enough excitement for it to be an action/adventure movie, and too few rubber dinosaurs to be classed as a monster movie. There is almost enough cleavage and (nearly but not quite) glimpses of bottom to classify this as a very soft porn film - but I won't even go there.

Originally released in 1977, the same year as Star Wars: IV - A New Hope (in fact this feature stars two actors from that movie, Dave Prowse and Richard LeParmentier), viewers will really be expecting more.

The Land That Time Forgot has all the hallmarks of a Doug McClure movie: rubber dinosaurs, Pterodactyl's which can't be shot down with a machine gun, but are easily blown out of the sky with a rifle, and a villain who commands an army full of English speaking killers when there is no real reason for them to speak our language - wouldn't it have made more sense for them to make Doug McClure learn their language?

And while we are on the subject of the bad guy, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom owes a lot to this movie. See how many scenes in the temple you can spot which were copied by Mr Spielberg less than a decade later.

While not totally dire, it might have been kinder if those people at MGM had forgot about this movie and left it off their DVD release schedule.

Pete Boomer

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