King Solomon's Mines

Starring: Richard Chamberlain, Sharon Stone, Herbert Lom and John Rhys Davies
RRP: 12.99
Certificate: PG
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Jessie Huston commissions rugged adventurer Allan Quatermain to help her find her father who has disappeared in the African jungle while on a recent expedition. He was last seen hot on the trail of the legendary site of King Solomon's Mines, and so Quatermain and Huston must make their way through a jungle full of dangerous animals, Nazis and cannibals in a bid to track him down...

Based on H. Rider Haggard's novel, this action movie borrows heavily from the Indiana Jones films - when King Solomon's Mines was release theatrically, only the first two Indiana Jones movies had been released. In fact, there are scenes practically stolen out of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. These include a chamber where the ceiling starts to descend on our heroes (However, King Solomon's Mines substitutes stalactites for the previous movies metal spikes.) Nazi's are the main enemies and Sharon Stone's heroine is incredibly similar to Kate Capshaw's Willie Scott.

Sadly, while the Indiana Jones movies have aged gracefully, this movie looks very dated and the jokes are poor too - in fact some are mildly sexist and racist.

There is a great cast: Richard Chamberlain, Sharon Stone, Herbert Lom and Raider's of the Lost Ark's John Rhys Davies. However, Chamberlain and Stone's acting talents are very questionable in places.

Why anyone would want to own this Indiana Jones rip-off when you can currently buy the original Indiana Jones trilogy for under £30 (if you shop around) is anyone's guess.

It'll keep the kids quiet for an hour and a half, but I can think of better things to do with my time.

Nick Smithson

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