The Champions
The Complete Series

Starring: Stuart Damon, Alexandra Bastedo, William Gaunt, Anthony Nicholls
Carlton Visual Entertainment
RRP: 49.99
Certificate: PG
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Three agents working for Geneva-based secret organisation Nemesis crash somewhere up in the Himalayas. The cold and their injuries seem certain to kill them until they are taken in by some mysterious monks who nurse them back to health. However, the big surprise is not so much they live but that on their recovery they have superhuman powers. The three Champions, Craig Sterling, Sharron MacReady and Richard Barrett, are all sworn to secrecy about their new powers [both improved strength and heightened senses] and upon their return vow to use them for the greater good of humanity...

The show's basic premise is as simple as it is neat - and as a result The Champions' winning formula has the ability to rescue even duff episodes from being total flops. And at it's best the series is still quite effective such as the episode Autokill. Moreover, our three stars are an interesting, if slightly humourless, bunch with MacReady adding a welcome, if rare, tough woman to the mix.

It's a given that fans of ITC spy shows will want this set but what about less ardent supports? Well, the episodes have been given a cursory clean, which is nice to see, although matt shots and some stock footage still looks a little rough. The sound is clean if a little thin - but what else would you expect from a show this age - and there are bugger all extras. But the episodes themselves more than make up for any overall shortfalls making this box set a nice addition to anyone's vintage TV archive.

Essential? No, but if you've the space and the cash you could do far worse.

Anthony Clark

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