Season Four

Starring: David Boreanaz
20th Century Fox
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's fourth season will be remembered fondly as its best; especially now that we know the fifth season will be its last.

Yes, season four did indeed go off on a mad soap opera-esque tangent, but dang we loved it! Love, betrayal, pregnancy, murder, angst and anguish all added up to one rollercoaster of a series. Personally though, I think it is most definitely the best. Thankfully we finally get rid of Connor; Angel's version of teen irritant Dawn, sadly we see Cordelia disappear in a coma, and on the way we get an apocalyptic adventure to the max.

Stand out episodes from this series include Soulless, directed by none other than Mr Samwise Gamgee himself, Sean Astin, which sees Angel go through an Indiana Jones style adventure which leads to... his soul being removed. Other highlights include - well all of it!

The return of Faith, Wesley becoming more rugged; which definitely becomes him, The Beast and of course the madness of Jasmine as season four's big bad. Fancy the bad guy making everyone happy. It's definitely different isn't it?

Extras-wise there is of course the usual trailer pap which is not what we want to see, plus the sound byte fuelled season overview. The other features are quite good though, giving us a further glimpse of the season's baddies, a featurette dedicated to Wolfram and Hart and a tour of the Hyperion hotel set which they tore down at the end of the year. On top of that there are seven commentaries scattered over the discs from actors, writers and directors.

All in all a must have for fans, and for those with an interest in Angel, but have never really sat down and watched it, check out this series, as it might just get you hooked. Then you can write to the WB and demand a sixth season!

Keri Allan

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