Buffy The Vampire Slayer
The Slayer Collection - Spike

Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Marsters
20th Century Fox
RRP: 12.99
Certificate: 15
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Meet Spike (James Masters), the baddest vampire in Sunnydale, as the
Slayer Collection brings together four great episodes from some of your favourite Buffy characters...

These DVDs seem more like a rip-off than a favour to fans, as most of the people that are likely to buy them will already have a close to complete Buffy episode collection at home already!

Either way, here they are, a selection of DVDs with four episodes that someone at Fox has classed as the best! Personally I think they may be wrong, but this comes down to personal taste. Spike's disc has the episodes:

School Hard
Spike and Drusilla come to town, and Spike invades Parent-Teacher night.

Lie to Me
Buffy's childhood crush comes to town, but he's not looking to reminisce - he's looking for immortality as a vampire.

Lovers Walk
A broken-hearted Spike returns without Drusilla; relationships are torn apart due to a liaison between two members of the gang.

Fool For Love
When Buffy forces Spike to recount how he was able to kill two Slayers, his flashbacks reveal his first meeting with Drusilla.

These are good episodes in their own right, but not the best - it seems like screen time is more of an issue when these were picked. Lovers Walk is a good one, even though it's a weepy, as it was an important episode for Spike on his return to Sunnydale without Dru, and also had some classic comedy moments from the peroxide one.

With some of the average episodes the package contains you'd think that Fox would make it up to us with some brilliant extras but again they come up short with the goods.

All each disc contains is a Buffy/Angel DVD trailer and a short 10 minute, if that, 'character profile' which consists of some cut and pasted interviews (with some parts fans might recognise from past Buffy DVD extras plus some snippets from the pre-contained episodes.

Worth it? I don't think so, unfortunately the majority of fans will get these just to complete their sets. Shame on you Fox - the show is great but fans deserve something better than some already released episodes and a couple of shoddy extras!

Keri Allan

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