Stargate SG-1
Volume 34

Starring: Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge and Michael Shanks
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Dr. Felger creates a computer virus meant to disable Goa'uld-controlled worlds. When the program malfunctions and spreads throughout the Stargate network, O'Neill, Teal'c and Daniel are trapped off-world, with danger looming around the corner. It's up to Carter and the Bumbling Dr. Felger to incapacitate the virus before the rest of SG-1 meet their doom...

Avenger 2.0 sees the return of the bumbling Felger from last season's The Other Guys. While the storyline is not very original - clumsy bloke screws up, but then ends up saving the day - it is incredibly funny. As with last season's The Other Guys there are plenty of subtle moments that you may miss if you blink. These include Felger putting his trousers on back to front by mistake when Carter makes a surprise call at his home.

This episode proves, once again, that when SG-1 does comedy it knows how to pull out all the stops.


SG-1 encounters a race of women warriors whose survival depends on symbiotes harvested from Jaffa. Teal'c and SG-1 must convince the warriors' high priestess to put aside her fear of reliance on the drug before the Goa'uld track the warriors down and destroy them...

Birthright is Stargate's take on legends of the Amazon. Jolene Blalock (Enterprise's T'Pol) stars as the leader of a group of Jaffa women who pillage symbiotes from other Jaffa in order to stay alive. As female Jaffa are killed at birth, this group sees their way of life as the only way to survive.

Not only does this episode show that Blalock can act, but it also gives Christopher Judge a new angle to explore in his character as he and Blalock fall in love. This could have fallen flat on its face, but Blalock and Judge manage to turn this into an above average episode.


SG-1 encounters an advanced bio-engineered warrior with incredible strength, created by Anubis. O'Neill, Carter and Teal'c set out to locate the origin of the new foe, Daniel travels to South America in search of a device that may be key to defeating this super warrior.

Evolution (Part 1) sees SG-1 come face to face with a new enemy. Anubis has a new band of super warriors which seem unstoppable. So how do SG-1 manage to capture one as soon as they meet it? It has a heart attack! Which is handy! This episode is a cross between The Terminator (the bio-engineered warriors) and Raiders of the Lost Ark (Daniel in the Jungles of South America). It has everything! And it's all good, well paced fun.

The commentary on this episode is by Peter DeLuise and Gary Jones (these guys really should have their own radio talk show). They make some great observations which you'd have missed otherwise. There is a scene with a background extra who is flipping burgers on a barbecue but every time you see him he is picking his nose or scratching his back with the spatula. They also poke fun at Richard Dean Anderson and his lack of screen time this season.


Having found the secret location of the warrior base O'Neill is assigned a recon mission to South America to rescue Daniel who, having found a mysterious artefact in the last episode, was kidnapped by Honduran rebels demanding a ransom for his life!...

Evolution (Part 2) sees SG-1 infiltrate Anubis's stronghold and discover yet another secret weapon in his plan for domination of the star systems. SG-1 are spread all over the place. Teal'c is running around Anubis's ship with Carter, while O'Neill is trekking around South America looking for Jackson - who has been kidnapped.

Peter DeLuise and Amanda Tapping provide the commentary. We get to learn about "condom lights", Richard Dean Anderson and the tarantula, and why DeLuise would gladly watch one of the guest stars take a dump for an hour and a half!


Extras on this collection include audio commentaries for all four episodes; SG-1 Directors Series: for Avenger 2.0; a behind the scenes featurette with Christopher Judge; and some production stills.

Darren Rea

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