Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Season Seven

Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar
20th Century Fox
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Certificate: 15
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Well its time to complete that Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD collection as season seven finally hits the shelves. It's sad to see a show so good come to an end, but at least the show ends on top form.

Season seven takes the show back to its roots, focusing on female strength, the bond that the group shares and the concept of the Chosen One and what it means. It lightens up just a little after the somewhat darker and dirtier seasons' 5 and 6. Yet the rainbow of emotions is there: laughter, angst, fear, sadness, joy - Buffy the show takes us through them all.

There's a mixture of the old and the new as some episodes see the return of classic characters Faith and Angel, plus there is the introduction of the next generation - the potentials, but the quality is definitely back to that of the first three seasons.

Storyteller is a standout episode which will make you both laugh and cry as Andrew tries to capture the story of those that fight the impending apocalypse on tape - in case they don't survive. He finally comes to terms with the fact that he shouldn't watch life, but live it and also take responsibility for his actions.

Then there's Showtime which sees Buffy having to fight an Ubervamp for the first time, plus of course Conversations With Dead People where there's hauntings of a different kind for many of the main characters - one creepy episode indeed!

Lies My Parents Told Me is also another episode that should be given credit - a look back at Spike's history as well as that of principal Wood and how The First managed to gain control over Spike through an old folk song.

Finally, the two concluding episodes give Buffy the final climax it deserves with an apocalyptic battle like no other which ends with... ah, now that would be telling.

As for DVD extras - don't hold your breath. To be fair there is a better selection than most of the other series' but you'd always hope for more. There's a good selection of commentaries from directors, writers and stars - which will fulfil some of your needs. There are also a few featurettes, including one where Joss Whedon runs through his favourite Buffy episodes throughout the show's seven year run. There is also a very cheesy, perhaps even puke worthy - its for the fans featurette. There's a gag real that's a little longer than the others, but that's about your lot!

Still you buy a DVD for the quality of its overall content and not just its extras, right? And on the basis of that, Buffy goes out in style.

Keri Allan

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