Tom and Jerry
Classic Collection - Volume 3

Starring: Tom & Jerry
Warner Home Video
RRP: 12.99
Certificate: U
Available 28 June 2004

Tom and Jerry have been capturing the laughter and hearts of children and adults alike around the World for decades. Now the unstoppable duo are back, this time with a brand new compilation of their fun-filled frolics that start from the very beginning...

Volume three in the Tom and Jerry Classic Collection sees the addition of another 26 episodes of everyone's favourite cat and mouse team. There are two Academy Award winning episodes in this release: The Two Mouseketeers and Johann Mouse - both of which you'll probably already have seen a thousand times, but there still worth viewing again.

These cartoons certainly show their age in a couple of episodes. Racism may have been acceptable when these were originally made, but there are a few examples which are not so amusing in today's PC environment. In Casanova Cat Jerry is burnt and made to look like a black and white minstrel. And Jerry also black up in His Mouse Friday. Incidentally, the final shot in His Mouse Friday seems to have been edited to save racist complaints from buyers of this collection. The last scene zooms in on Jerry as a cannibal mouse pokes him with a spear.

The DVD menus were also a little confusing. While this DVD is being marketed as volume 3, the DVD menus list it as volume 5 and 6 (you have to turn the disc over to watch all the episodes).

Whichever way you look at it, this DVD is excellent value for money - working out at around 50 pence an episode. There is more than enough quality entertainment included here to keep everyone amused for hours.

Nick Smithson

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