Blue Remains

Starring: Kazue Fukiishi, Kazuya Ichij˘ and Tomoko Kaneda
Artsmagic Ltd
RRP ú19.99, US $25.99
ATU 014
Certificate: PG (UK)/Not Rated (US)
Available 16 November 2004

In a world laid waste by nuclear war, alone at the bottom of the ocean, fourteen year old Amamiku holds the key to the planet's salvation; special seeds that are able to restore the Earth back to its natural glory. But in her efforts to plant the seeds, she unleashes the wrath of the murderous Glyptofane, a primal being determined to wipe out the remnants of the human race...

I'm not quite sure what it is with Japanese writers and animators. Every project they do is filled with so much sexual overtone it's ridiculous - they're usually about the end of the world and a massive apocalypse that only a young person can save.

Blue Remains's computer animation is in the same vein as Malice@Doll, and fortunately the plot is just as good. Whilst the blurb on the back of the DVD cover pretty much covers the plot completely, you still fall in love with the characters and really care about their plight.

Looks wise, this is obviously nowhere near as pretty as Final Fantasy but it's not soulless tripe and you can be a lot more forgiving of the animation for that reason. It does however ooze atmosphere and the portrayal of close quarters claustrophobia and the vast openness of the sea works perfectly. I really don't think the apocalypse has ever been so engrossing in any other piece of Animation I have seen.

On the DVD itself you are presented with both the English and Japanese audio options with optional subtitles. There are also trailers and an interview with the director along with some bio's.

All in all, if you like a good story and some good animation then this is for you.

Simon Lee

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