Starring: Albert Finney
Warner Home Video
RRP: 12.99
Z1 314006
Certificate: 18
Available 22 November 2004

When a real estate tycoon and his wife are discovered torn apart, an experienced New York detective is summoned to investigate the killings. Trace hairs are found which are lupine, but an expert maintains that normal wolves don't kill people, that's a myth. Only people kill people. Eventually the detective and his new partner learn that a group of werewolves (or rather wolves living out of time) are responsible. But they do not kill indiscriminately. The attacks are organised and territorial...

To say that Wolfen from 1981 (based on a novel by Whitley Strieber) is slow would be a huge compliment. It's virtually static. It goes like this: character hears a noise and spends an eternity walking around the house; change of scene to an abandoned church and more tedious checking. Oh, and there's a place we haven't searched yet... You get the picture.

The rest of the film is shot in Steadicam point of view, tinted with video imaging (which, after all, was a new technique at the time). However, the boys have completely overdone it with the new toy; somebody might as well be moving a film camera around with no purpose. Oh, that's right, they were, weren't they!

This is a terrible, lethargic, amateurish film with little or no direction.

Ty Power

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