The Brak Show
Volume One
Region 1 Edition

Starring (Voice): Marsha Crenshaw, George Lowe, C. Martin Croker and Andy Merrill
Warner Home Video
RRP: $29.98
Certificate: Not Rated
Available 01 February 2005

Welcome to Spacetown, where Brak lives with his Mom, Dad, best pal Zorak, and Thundercleese, his giant robotic warrior neighbour. And who is Brak, you ask? He's a boy, just like you and me. Except he's half cat and half baked. Like a potato. Yes, he's a special boy. You know the kind. They yell all the time, break into song, and cry like an old woman with the body of a young beach volleyball player. You like monsters? They're all here! Dance, pants, dance!...

Unlike other Cartoon Network's Adult Swim shows, The Brak Show doesn't just reuse animated footage from an old cartoon series (like Space Ghost: Coast to Coast or Sealab 2021). While it does borrow the Brak and Zorak characters from Space Ghost, it sets them in an original environment - Brak's hometown of Spacetown.

Fans of the '60s Space Ghost animated cartoon will remember Brak and Zorak as Space Ghost's deadly enemies. The Brak Show is set years before they turn into evil monsters. While Zorak is hungry for death and destruction, Brak is just a naive young boy with other more pressing matters than controlling the galaxy. He still talks to his childhood toy, is worried about cutting up clams in his biology lesson and wants to find a girlfriend.

Brak still lives at home with his mother and tiny father. Zorak seems to spend most of his time round at the Brak's household - generally being nasty to Brak. And Brak loves nothing more than to break into song at the drop of a hat.

The title sequence to each episode opens with a different spoof title based on old shows (for example Leave it to Brak, B.J. and the Brak and Diff'rent Braks). This is something that they obviously got bored with (or ran out of ideas) very quickly, because towards the end of this collection the shows title is listed as The Brak Show.

This collection contains 14 episodes on two discs. The episodes are not presented here in the order they were originally broadcast, and also include some episodes from season two.

There are some fantastic episodes in this collection, including:

Goldfish: In which Brak is left in charge of Mr Thundercleese's goldfish. When he accidentally kills it he starts to panic about how Mr Thundercleese will react.

Time Machine: Where Brak and Zorak use Mr Thundercleese's time machine to go back to the point when homework was invented and make sure it never is invented.

Hippo: When Zorak throws away Brak's childhood toy, a stuffed lobster called Hippo, Brak starts to fall apart.

Psychoklahoma: Brak puts on a show to raise money in order to save a TV presenter who is in danger. Everyone in the neighbourhood is soon showcasing their hidden talents.

Poppy: Brak is desperate to get himself a girlfriend. His mother gives him a present from his long dead grandfather - a gift that is guaranteed to be a winner with the ladies. Brak's father is also excited, because today is the day aliens are due to arrive and choose the most special human and take them back to their planet.

Mother Did You Move My Chair?: Brak fakes illness in order to avoid attending school. He's not looking forward to his biology class, where he will have to dissect a clam - to Brak, a helpless creature who doesn't deserve to die.

There are also plenty of amusing extras in this collection. I loved the animated menus. Each page has Brak singing about what that particular page has on it. I thought this was a great way to make you click through all the different options. There are also some not very hidden Easter eggs which Brak tells you are there.

There are also audio commentaries on a few episodes (well, that's what the back of the DVD case told me, but I couldn't access them for some reason); Adult Swim News segments read by Brak; Cartoon Planet segments; and a radio play (which again, I couldn't find).

This is a fantastic series that will have you rolling around the floor laughing... well, that might be a little over the top, but this is damn funny.

Nick Smithson

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