Starring: Yumi Amami and Atsuro Watabe
Ventura International
RRP: 15.99
Certificate: 15
Available 14 February 2005

A young man on a motorbike runs out of petrol and has to make a pit stop in a small rural town. Whilst trying to find some petrol, he encounters a beautiful young woman and soon ends up spending time with her, and her family. He starts to fall in love with her, but unfortunately her family hides a curse. It seems that the women of the family have been entrusted with guarding the Inugami spirits. And if these spirits are not attended to with loyalty, then they will break free with a desire to kill...

Inugami is a ghostly love story, the title means 'wild dog god'. Now, for something that sounds as hokey as this, I really enjoyed this film. The script is top notch and the actors give great performances. It has jumps and heart touching moments all in the right places. Also some of the plot twists will make your head spin. I recommend this film very highly as it is rare for a film to make you jump and cry with such conviction

The picture and sound quality are very good with DTS available and a sharp image for your eyes. Extras on the disc are pretty thin on the ground - with only a small collection of trailers.

Aside from the lack of extras, I can't see a reason why you would not want this film. It hits you in all the right places

Simon Lee

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