Justice League Unlimited
Saving the World
Region 1 Edition

Starring (voices): Kevin Conroy, George Newbern, Phil LaMarr and Kin Shriner
Warner Home Video
RRP: $14.97
Certificate: Not Rated
Available 15 February 2005

The Justice League, adapted from the DC Comics adventures, follows a group of superheroes based on a space station as they fight against evil from the Earth and beyond. Here we have three episodes from the Unlimited series...

In Initiation, Green Arrow is invited to join the Justice League but gracefully refuses. The Green Lantern, Supergirl and Captain Atom (please!) agree to drop him off after they have helped with a reported nuclear accident. They are turned away by the military, but Green Arrow discovers there is a nuclear-powered robot on the rampage and only he can get close enough to pierce its weakness.

In Hawk and Dove, two sets of warring factions in a country are further divided when one side is given an unstoppable robot by a mysterious shapeshifting character. Recognising a symbol on the robot's armour, Wonder Woman visits the individual who created her own suit. He tells her he made the robot for Aries, and that he leaves a small weakness in each of his creations. Justice League members Hawk and Dove try to convince the warring leaders to talk peace, but Aries has taken over one of their identities. It takes Dove to realise the robot is fuelled by hatred and prejudice.

In Kid Stuff, Morgane LeFay shows her young son Mordred the Amulet of First Power, with which he will one day claim his kingdom. But the impatient youth snatches the amulet and uses it to banish all adults. Consequently, Batman, Wonder Woman and countless others find themselves deposited in a shadow realm. The only way to get back is to allow Morgane to turn them into children.

I'm sorry to say that, whilst the animation remains good, this new Unlimited version of Justice League has gone right down hill. When I reviewed some of the original Justice League show it concentrated on the main characters of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and the Green Lantern. Now we not only have a cast of thousands (superhero overkill), but the entire format seems to be aimed at young kids who they would have you believe care nothing about characterisation or good storytelling, only whizzes and bangs. Furthermore, is three episodes amounting to seventy minutes good value for money? Probably not.

Extras consist of: Justice League Watchtower Database (spoken information on Green Arrow, Supergirl, Captain Atom, Hawk and Dove); Save Gorilla City (help Flash catch an armoured van by using arrow keys on your remote - which didn't work on mine); Rate a new cartoon called Keeping Up With the Joneses; and a short trailer for Tom & Jerry Blast Off to Mars.

Ty Power

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