Trekkies 2

Presenter: Denise Crosby
Paramount Home Entertainment
RRP: 15.99
Certificate: 12
Available 07 March 2005

The extremes of Star Trek fandom are a mystery even to the regular viewers of the television series . In this sequel to the hit documentary Trekkies, released in 2003, Denise Crosby delves into the weird and wonderful lives of Star Trek fans the world over...

Trekkies 2 aims to show the lighter side of Trek fandom: their immense loyalty and passion can now be understood by those who haven't before seen it from the inside out. Sadly, those that haven't seen it probably don't really want to, and those that have seen it are probably still haunted by nightmares. Yes, these DVD illustrates why normal Trek fans are ridiculed by the masses - sadly it's thanks to the actions of a few fans that all fans get a hard time.

Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar in Star Trek: The Next Generation) does a wonderful job of taking her film crew and following fans as they produce and perform their own tributes. Highlights include an interview with the Spock of Germany and with Tony Alleyne from Leicestershire who transformed his tiny flat into a starship and auctioned it on the Internet for $2 million (oddly enough it didn't sell).

The film also updates fans on some of the original Trekkies profilees such as Gabriel Koerner and Barbara Adams (Adams infamously wore her Starfleet Commanding Officer's uniform for jury duty in the Whitewater trial in Little Rock, Arkansas). But the best inclusion has to be Adams's friend who is proud of the fact that she owns a painting of a genuine ET that the artist met. Please? Do they put something in the water in Little Rock?

Sadly, you'll probably come away with your worst fears realised. While the majority of Star Trek fans are no doubt normal, there are a minority of Trek fans that are a little scary!

Extras include an audio commentary, deleted scenes and a couple of fan films. Both of these films are worth watching, but Brian Dellis's Final Frontier Revisited is amazingly well produced.

Entertaining stuff which no Trek fan should be without.

Pete Boomer