The Flipside of Dominick Hide & Another Flip for Dominick

Starring: Peter Firth, Caroline Langrishe, Pippa Guard and Patrick Magee
RRP: 12.99
Certificate: PG
Available 04 April 2005

Time travel can be a tricky thing to control at the best of times but when a researcher from 2132, the eponymous Dominick Hide (Spooks's Peter Firth), gets embroiled with his own past things start to get really out of hand...

The Flipside Of Dominick Hide (1980) was a double BANFF winner for the BBC's Play for Today team. Its mix of time travel, romance, comedy and suspense - plus a great twist ending - also ensured a sequel, Another Flip For Dominick (1982), which although very good, fails to muster the magic of the original.

Hide's first time travel mission is to work out why the buses in the past (his past) never ran on time. However, acting on a tip-off from his great auntie Mavis, he decides to track down a long-dead relative, a process that breaks all the rules of time travel. He quickly discovers that the past is a truly foreign country, although romance hasn't changed all that much, thankfully.

Michael Gough makes a cameo appearance as a UFO specialist and there's a great visual joke about a holographic musician in a bar but the great joy of these two plays is the simple pleasure of watching a good cast act out great scripts.

The sound and picture quality on this disc are at best adequate but you'd be hard-pressed to complain too loudly as both plays are a joy, and one's a genuine classic.

Anthony Clark

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