Time Bomb

Starring: Michael Biehn, Patsy Kensit and Tracy Scroggins
RRP: 12.99
Certificate: 18
Available 11 April 2005

Eddy Kay is a watch maker, who through a series of disturbing flashbacks, realises that there is more to his life than he ever knew. As Eddy investigates his past, he realises the people who are responsible for his bizarre visions want his dead at any cost. He will do anything to uncover the truth though it may mean losing his life. With no other help in sight, he enlists the aid of the beautiful and intelligent psychiatrist Dr. Nolmar, and together they must help each other to solve the mystery of Eddy's past before it kills them both...

Time Bomb from 1991 stars Michael (never quite as famous as he should have been) Biehn as the watch maker with a secret past. Patsy Kensit co-stars as the slightly wooden doctor who is dragged along, kicking and screaming, for the ride.

There is potential in this movie - it certainly has it's moments. The viewer, like Eddy Kay, is never really sure about what is going on until the final moments. Is Kay good or bad? Is he insane or are the flashbacks he sees real? These questions and more are cleverly revealed throughout the movies duration.

The product placement in this movie is verging on the ridiculous. There is a TV ad for Micholob which slaps you in the face, but by far the worst offender is a serious plug for Evian. Kensit holds the bottle up for all to see and states, straight faced: "Do you want some? Studies prove it will help you live longer." Really? Evian must have paid a small fortune to have that included in the script.

This is a pretty watchable movie - if you ignore the early '90s fashion, the needless pornographic images, the over the top advertising and the rubber bat (watch out for it - it will make you laugh).

Nick Smithson

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