Space Station
(Region 1 Edition)

Narrator: Tom Cruise
Warner Bros
RRP: US $19.98
Certificate: Not Rated
Available 19 July 2005

So this is where our tomorrows begin: 220 miles above the Earth and moving at speeds of 17,500 MPH while aboard the most complex scientific project ever assembled: the International Space Station (ISS)...

Tom Cruise narrates this fascinating look at the high-flying laboratory where today's space heroes develop technologies that will make possible future human voyages to Mars, as well as provide new solutions to earthbound problems. Highlights include the station's in-orbit construction, plus glimpses of crew members as they work, exercise or do routine tasks like getting a haircut or drinking water (in zero gravity, you can snap a floating glob of H20 out of the air like a frog snatching a fly).

I really wish that I'd seen this movie as originally intended - at an IMAX theatre. IMAX Space Station is a fascinating look at what it is like to live in space. Some of the footage is amazing as we see, first hand, the creation of a space station.

Extras include an audio commentary by the director and one of the astronauts; Adventures in Space (a 22 min look at how this movie was originally conceived and how they set about filming it); two guided tours of the ISS (16 min and 18 min); a stills gallery; and a trailer for IMAX movies on DVD.

The two virtual tours are worth talking about individually. The first one takes us on a guided tour of the ISS. While this is an enjoyable tour I think it would have been better if the soundtrack had been redubbed at a later date. It's sometimes hard to work out what the astronaut is saying, thanks to the fact he is talking over a system that keeps cutting out. The second tour, which was also my personal favourite, sees you onboard a mission. It begins with a space shuttle taking off from Earth, docking with the ISS, being on board for some time and then return to Earth.

This is the closest thing you'll ever get to going aboard the ISS. Breathtaking.

Nick Smithson

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