Season 2

Starring: Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano and Holly Maries Combs
Paramount Home Entertainment

RRP: 59.99
PHE 8693
Certificate: 12
Available 01 August 2005

The world has always been under threat from powerful demons... Girls born into one particular family line are witches with the power to fight this evil. In the present day The Charmed Ones are the three Halliwell sisters who have the 'Power Of Three'. This combined power makes them worthy adversaries for the modern day demon...

For those intrigued by witchcraft at any level and, of course, any sci-fi fan, Charmed is worth checking out. Although it sometimes comes across as a bit cheap and tacky, you can easily find yourself getting sucked into the world of the three Halliwell sisters.

The second season picks right up from where the first left off, with the trio having accepted their spiritual destiny to be goodie goodie witches and defeat evil at every corner - thanks to their special 'Power of Three'.

Continuing with the slightly soap opera-esque feel to the series, we get to follow the sisters through not only their magical lives, but also their relationships - both with men and each other. Prue starts and ends relationships whilst growing her powers; Piper gets to open her club P3 and also ends up in a supernatural love triangle between her ex 'guardian angel' and next door neighbour; and Phoebe goes back to college and continues to be looked upon as the 'baby' of the three.

Season Two continues to become more humorous and sometimes downright silly, which adds a little je ne sais qoui to the show. This aspect is definitely part of its appeal.

Stand out episodes include Morality Bites, which sees the sisters sent 10 years into the future where one is a successful business woman, one is divorced with a daughter, and the other is on death row for murder. In Pardon my Past, we get to see what their past lives were like, and get to see Phoebe as evil for the first time. One of the quirkiest episodes has to be She's A Man, Baby, A Man! where Prue becomes "Manny" to lure in a man-killing demon. Seeing Shannen Doherty as a man is something not to miss.

Overall, Season Two improves on the first season but still hasn't hit its pinnacle. It's definitely enjoyable, with a high 'rewatchability' factor, and it'll definitely have you holding out for Seasons Three and Four - which fans class as the best.

The only downside to this DVD is its lack of extras. Let's hope this some that is fixed when Season Three is released.

Keri Allan

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