Sonic X
Volume 2

Starring (voice): Jason Griffith, Suzanne Goldish and Rebecca Honig
Warner Home Video

RRP: 5.99

D 088400
Certificate: U
Available 29 August 2005

Fully charged and ready for a run in, Sonic battles Dr. Eggman's high I.Q, huge waistline and massive ego however the power of the Chaos Emeralds triggers an accident and Sonic and his allies are whisked to a new world full of strange creatures called "humans". Can Sonic stop Dr. Eggman and find his way back home...?

Volume 2 of Sonic X contains the episodes Dr Eggman's Ambition and Get the Chaos Emerald.

In Dr Eggman's Ambition Eggman unleashes a giant robot called Missile Wrist. It's up to our heroes (Sonic, Chris, Tails, Cream, and Cheese) to stop Missile Wrist before he runs amok.

In Get the Chaos Emerald, the race is one to uncover one of the Chaos Emeralds. Chris is determined to get it before Eggman in order to prove to Sonic that humans can be helpful in their quest. But Eggman is hatching, quite literally, a dastardly plan. He releases a giant robot bird to hinder our heroes.

The animation for this series is nothing spectacular, but does the trick. The main theme is funky and very catchy, but what's really scary is the closing titles. I'm a relatively sluggish 30-something who was itching to get up and bounce around to the music - so goodness only knows what hyperactive kids will make of it.

This DVD range really is excellent value for money - although, Warner could have put four episodes onto each disc and charged £14.99 and they would still have represented excellent value for money.

Sonic fans will not be disappointed.

Amber Leigh

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