Jupiter Moon
Volume 8 (Episodes 51-55)

Starring: Andy Rashleigh, Caroline Evans and Susy Cooper
Oracle Home Entertainment
RRP: 12.99
Certificate: PG
Available 19 September 2005

The interplanetary liner
Marianis has been forced to return to Jupiter System because neither Mars, Moonstation, or the Earth will grant entry to 14 year-old Tim Shaw. He suffers from allergies - but they fear he might be a carrier of a deadly Mars virus. If he can't go to Earth - or to any colony in the Solar System - where can he go...?

Volume 8 of Jupiter Moon sees a significant improvement in the quality of the episodes from those in Volume 7. The acting is a slight improvement and there actually seems to be a comprehensible plot that you can follow.

I won't moan again about the cheap sets, bad camera operatives or poor costumes. If you were a fan of the show when it was originally broadcast in the '90s then you'll already be aware of what sort of quality to expect.

Like a bad Australian soap opera, I couldn't help but warm to the characters and their situations. If only the production values had been a bit higher, this would have been a pretty good series. The scenes seemed to have been shot quickly with no serious thought to camera positions or lighting. It almost looks as though each scene was filmed in a single take.

A lot of the episodes in this volume rest on the shoulders of the young Andrew Read (playing Timothy Shaw). If he hadn't been up to the role then a lot of the scenes in these episodes would have been laughable.

Extras include Space Fashion 2050; Computer Graphics and Effects; Basic Facts: The Scriptwriters Guide; Welcome to the Jupiter System Lecture; and production notes.

This is watchable, but will only really appeal to those who enjoyed watching this when it was originally broadcast.

Nick Smithson

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