Justice League Unlimited
Joining Forces (Region 1 Edition)

Starring (voice): Kevin Conroy, Susan Eisenberg, George Newbern and Phil LaMarr
Warner Bros
RRP US $14.97

Certificate: Not Rated (USA)
Available 20 September 2005 (USA)

It's a party they'll never forget in For the Man Who has Everything when Mongul surprises Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman at the Fortress of Solitude on Superman's birthday. Then, more than a dozen leaguers take on the mighty android Amazo, seeking revenge against Lex Luthor in The Return, and the shocking episode ending poses more questions about the League's future. Finally, The Greatest Story Never Told features Booster Gold, a glory-hunting hero from the future who finally gets into the action and saves the day... but he's the only one who knows it. Join the fight for justice with JLU...

Joining Forces is a pretty impressive collection of episodes from the Justice League Unlimited series.

First up is a Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman tale called For the Man Who has Everything. This sees Batman and Wonder Woman turning up to Superman's Fortress of Solitude to surprise him for his birthday. However, when they get there they discover that he is paralysed, with an alien entity wrapped around him. It soon transpires that the alien has attached itself to Superman's mind and is keeping him alive in a dreamlike fantasy world. Can his friends free him from this parasite? This episode is based on the 1985 comic story written by Alan Moore.

The second tale, The Return, sees an old enemy of Lex Luthor's return to destroy him. Amazo, the not-to-be-messed-with android packs a mighty punch that the JLU don't really want to mess with.

While the first two episodes are pretty impressive, it is the final story in this collection that makes this a must own release. The Greatest Story Never Told is played almost entirely for laughs.

This episode introduces Booster Gold, a superhero from the future who has come back in time to ensure that a future exists for all of humanity... at least that's what he claims. Gold is more interested in fame and fortune than actually saving any one, and when he is finally picked for a mission he is a little upset to discover that he is put on crowd control duties while the rest of the League battle it out with a super villain. It is while doing his job, rather poorly, that he and his robotic sidekick, Skeets, (voiced by Futurama's Billy West) discover an even deadlier threat to Earth. The rest of the episode is concerned with Gold's rather poor attempts to save the Earth.

Sci-fi buffs will no doubt appreciate Skeets's : "My gosh! It's was full of stars." homage to 2010. And anyone with a sense of humour will find this a great episode.

Extras include The Science of Superheroes (3 minute featurette that talks to an expert from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory about how superheroes could have special powers on Earth); Voices of Justice (5 minute featurette that interviews some of the voice actors from the series); a multiple choice superhero challenge quiz and a collection of trailers for other releases.

While it would have been a better release if more than just three episodes were included, this is still a must own collection for any serious superhero fan.

Darren Rea

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