Volume 4 - Love Defined

Starring (voice): Rie Tanaka, Tomakazu Sugita and Tomakazu Seki
RRP: £19.99
MVD 2054
Certificate: 15
Available 26 September 2005

Chobits follows the day to day adventures of Hideki a testosterone poisoned, 22nd century, young man and his Personcon, the very attractive android, Chi. The show is slightly risqué and often very funny...

Volume 4 contains four episodes covering chapters 14 to 17. The show continues to produce the high level of anamorphic widescreen animation established on the pervious releases.

Chi Entertains sees our teen hero suffering under the summer sun. Shimizu, an attractive girl, turns up at Hideki's apartment, drunk and asking to stay overnight. They lay in a load more drink, only for him to discover that she is married. Shimizu passes out much to Hideki's relief, but in the morning he finds the girls partially naked in his bed. The episode has all the sexual innuendo of an English farce.

Chi doesn't do anything follows on the continuing theme of Hideaki's feelings for his automaton Chi. Hideki's catches his friend Shinbo embracing Shimizu, the school teacher. He discovers that Shimizu's husband has fallen in love with his Personcon and now completely ignores his wife. Shinbo wants to elope with Shimizu which completely freaks Hideki.

Chi Provides opens with Chi tidying up Hideki's collection of dubious men's magazines (I'm sure he reads them only for the articles) Hideki returns depressed at his school scores. Shimizu contacts him to encourage him to take the national mock exams to help him improve his exam grades, but of course nothing ever goes the way that Hideki intends. With his wallet stolen Chi gets a job to support them.

And finally we have the last episode on the disc, Chi Helps. Hideki and Chi help out Yuzuki with her work around the building. As a thank-you she invites them over for dinner, but things are not what they seem with Yuzuki and who are the two dark strangers tracking Chi?

Extras consist of the Japanese ending sequence as well as an art gallery and trailers, and for the ever optimistic you can view the DVD credits as well, well those guys do work to bring you these things so I guess that they would like someone to know that they are still alive. Sound wise it's the usual Japanese and English stereo soundtracks with subs thrown in. The opening credits have the original Japanese lyrics of 'Let me be with you' the opening song, as subtitles, for all you Karaoke fans. Mind you I tried it and it isn't easy, still if I ever get to go to Japan ill be able to ask young ladies to embrace me (daishimetainoni, I think), just before being arrested for mispronunciation.

So, there you have it, another slice of strange Japanese humorous titillation from the CLAMP studios, well worth the cost. Shame that the lack of meaty extras let it down, it would have been nice to see some input from the creators of the program. Mark 9

Charles Packer

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