Volume 5

Starring (voice): Masaya Onosaka, Hiromi Tsuru and Satsuki Yukino
RRP: 17.99
MVD 2061
Certificate: 12
Available 26 September 2005

On a two mooned planet Vash the Stampede accompanied by Meryl and Milly continue their journey to protect the innocent and dispossessed...

As ever the disc contains only three episodes, which is kind of strange and disappointing, as most anime shows have four per disc, still if you're a fan you may well stomp up the extra cash to get all the shows. This release contains episodes fourteen to sixteen.

Little Arcadia is really a Milly and Meryl story. When a couple of homesteaders are being threatened for the deeds to their land, the girls take on jobs as bodyguards to the family, but are they out classed? Not only do they have to fend off the usual local thugs but also a group of bizarre super beings, three of whom look suspiciously like Marvels Juggernaut. It's really a kind of morality play about a son's inability to trust the wisdom of his parents. It's kind of funny with the usual level of weirdness thrown

In Demons Eye were back to a Vash story. Vash is carrying the girls over the desert towards a new town. In the town's saloon the mysterious Lagato kills the local gang leader before being set upon by the rest of the gang, to no avail, half of them are killed as a lesson. Vash instantly recognises Lagato's handiwork and sets off to confront him, but Lagato has utilised the skills of the gung-ho-gun gang and Vash has to face off with the beautiful Demons Eye. Another interesting episode, less preachy than most as the episode is very action orientated.

Lastly we have Fifth Moon. With Vash now hunting Lagato, it's been two weeks since Milly and Meryl have seen him. In that time Vash has no idea where to find Lagato until he sends Vash a zombie message to meet him at Augusta. In Augusta he must face off against the fifth and ninth gung-ho-gun's. Well another action piece that does little to continue the ongoing story, but a good episode none the less.

Extras include a Trigun trailer, textless opening and closing sequences and trailers for some other anime shows. So there's nothing really special there. Audio options include only stereo versions of the spoken English and Japanese soundtrack, which is a real shame as Trigun is action orientated enough to benefit from a 5.1 remix. As it is, the stereo soundtracks do not detract from the program.

Charles Packer

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