The Hunger
Series 2

Starring: David Bowie, Kate Vernon, Eric Roberts and Brooke Smith
Infinity Video and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
RRP: 29.99
ODX 3413
Certificate: 18
Available 31 October 2005

Series 2 of The Hunger follows pretty much the same format as the recently released Series 1. Tony and Ridley Scott present an anthology of roughly 25-minute episodes influenced by the theme of sex and horror, and in particular the film of the same name. The theme music and credit sequences are unchanged, and each offering contains a brief synopsis and the main parties concerned, both in front and behind the camera.

This time around we again get 22 episodes spread over four discs, and The Hunger Inside - The Making of The Hunger. Rather than Terence Stamp, in series 2 we get main man and legendary musician and actor David Bowie introducing each segment. Bowie appears more suited to this style than Stamp, but don't ask me why. What is it about English criminal characters that is so popular? Bowie even takes a turn himself, starring in Sanctuary as a notorious and controversial artist who has lost his public and turned recluse. There's no sex present in the tale, and that comes as something of a blessing after so many stories with the same formula which came before. I'm no prude, but this is a series which was in desperate need of variation.

There is undoubtedly some great source material, adapted from material written by such greats as Poppy Z. Brite, Ramsey Cambell, Tanith Lee, Kim Newman, Lisa Tuttle and Charles De Lint - but the style is not something I particularly enjoy watching. It reminds me of late 1980s American TV (seedy night-clubs, junkies and gangland bosses who have the towns in their pockets) which we were unfortunately subjected to far too much of.

So, in short, more of the same but a slight though noticeable improvement on Series 1.

Ty Power

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