The Bionic Woman

Starring: Lindsey Wagner, Richard Anderson
Universal Playback
Certificate: PG
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Jamie Sommers (AKA The Bionic Woman) undergoes an operation to help recover her memory. The operation is a partial success and she regains most of her memories apart from those leading up to her parachute accident and her engagement to Steve Austin - The Bionic Man...

Welcome Home Jamie guest stars Lee Majors as Jamie's old flame and sets the scene for Jamie's future life - A life without Steve - in the town of Ojai. There are some touching scenes between Wagner and Major (although I wonder home many other fans will notice that Jamie's name is incorrectly spelt on the tree etching. The scenes as Jamie starts her job as teacher of the World's worst class are also amusing and this episode is a fine starting episode for the DVD.


Jamie's gets her first mission in her new surroundings when she is forced to go undercover and use her special powers to steal artifacts for a wealthy businessman...

Welcome Home Jamie, part two sees a quickening of pace with our bionic hero getting stuck straight into a dirty job. Lots of out dated sexist attitudes start to creep out of the woodwork dating this episode badly. Nevertheless this is still good fun.


The Bionic Woman's super powers are required to rescue a diplomat trapped in the middle of a civil war. Does she manage to do it? What do you think?..

Angel of Mercy gets straight to the action with explosions by the bucketful. But it's when Jamie finally starts out on her journey that you realise this was filmed when the planet was a 'man's World'. More sexism in the form of Starky, the Neanderthal helicopter pilot that you want to reach out and punch - all credit to the actor.

A fun episode that will keep you entertained.

Ray Thompson

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