Starring: Robert Carlyle and Guy Pearce
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Certificate: 18
Available now


The year is 1847. During the Mexican-American war Captain Boyd has been dispatched to Fort Spencer in the Sierra Nevada mountains. When a stranger stumbles across the settlement he urges Boyd and his men to help him return and save his travelling group. Apparently his party were subjected to a cannibalistic attack, one from which he fears they may all have been killed...

While not strictly science fiction Ravenous has cult sci-fi overtures. And for that reason we felt it worthy of a review. I saw the region one disc of this around four months ago and, thankfully, it would appear that no extras have been cut from the UK release.

Carlyle is at his comedic/evil best in the role of Colquhough the mysterious outsider. And Pearce shines as the unwilling hero who just wants to get back to some semblance of normality.

The plot hides more than a handful of shocks and unravels them at a leisurely pace from the moment we are introduced to Carlyle's character until seconds before the end credits roll.

The music score helps to keep the smiles coming and it is much welcomed - for this is truly one of the blackest comedies to be released in years.

The extras on the disc are an extremely impressive addition - especially when you consider that Fox are only charging slightly more than for a standard VHS movie. The deleted scenes were cut for obvious reasons and it was sad to hear that the original ending couldn't be shot because of time constraints.

This is funny, scary, bizarre and beautiful all in one! Don't ask how. It just is. And yet again Fox have done a grand job of making sure that there is more than enough extras to keep everyone happy.

Nick Smithson

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