Airwolf Volume 2

Starring: Jan Michael Vincent
Universal Playback
Certificate: PG
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Dominic Santini goes off on a solo mission to rescue some prisoners of war. Of course, it goes pear-shaped and soon Airwolf is blowing everything up (yay!).

Mad Over Miami is typical of the series. There are bad guys, heroines, intrigue and conspiracy, not to mention an enemy helicopter to shoot down at the end (you know, when the incidental music reaches its climax). The story is pretty straightforward, but thanks to a reasonably tight script and some decent acting, viewers will be pleasantly entertained. This episode is chock-full of explosions, not to mention repeated stock footage of Airwolf flying about and deploying its weapons (get used to it, because every episode featured distinctly familiar shots of the helicopter and its antics), so action fans will get what they paid for. All in all, this is robust stuff, and as long as you keep your expectations low, just the thing to put a smile on your face.


A group of helicopter-gunship-toting mercenaries are fighting a bush war in Africa. Their leader knew Hawke's brother, and might know what happened to him all those years ago in Vietnam.

And They Are Us is actually rather good. The stylish introduction - featuring a squadron of gunships taking down two fighter jets - is very impressive, setting the standard for the remainder of the episode. There are some moments of strong drama, although the race issue between whites and blacks is clumsily handled. But who cares when Airwolf has five gunships to take on? And not only do we get helicopters being blasted out of the sky, but some dazzling ground attacks with BIIIG explosions! Yippee!


The daughter of a hunter of Nazi War Criminals is intent to tracking down the killer of her father, the last man he tried to bring to justice.

Fight Like a Dove is the weakest of the episodes on this collection. The usual Airwolf hi-jinks don't seem to sit comfortably with the story, and the character of the daughter reminded me too much of Pip from South Park! The usual aerial combat at the end feels bolted on, and the generally light-hearted tone of the episode is unsuccessful. What is annoying is that the daughter finds the secret location of Airwolf with ease, when The Firm (the rightful owners of Airwolf) has no idea where it is! It just isn't realistic, and neither are the daughter and Archangel (top brass at The Firm) mixing, and Archangel not trying to find out where Airwolf is being kept. The script completely ignores this, and even Hawke and Santini don't seem to mind that the secret location is no longer safe! Nonsense!


The presentation of this DVD is adequate, and the picture quality is certainly acceptable, but don't expect a widescreen ratio or Dolby Digital Surround audio! The only extras are some stills from episodes, so they might as well have not bothered!

Jeff Watson

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