Xena: Warrior Princess
Boxset series one: part two

Starring: Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor
Universal Playpack
Certificate: 15
Available now

Xena: Warrior Princess
is one of those shows that you either love or hate - there is no middle ground. In the past it has been received by critics as too serious, too mindless, too violent with no real plot.

All I can say is rubbish! It is funny and intelligent and camps it up in an excellent way.

The first episode on the disc, Ties that Bind, sees a mysterious stranger appear at Xena's camp. He leads her to believe that he is her father. She doesn't believe him, but decides to help him on his quest. It is not long before she is in trouble but as it's Xena we know she will come out of it in one piece.

From this point on the stories gather pace and there isn't really a bad episode in here. Sure it's not Stargate SG-1, but if you take the show for what it is then you will enjoy the series.

There are critics out there that also think Lucy Lawless is not particularly attractive, being too butch. Not so! She is extremely hot. And I know some fans will buy this DVD just to watch her running around flashing her cleavage.

Worth a look.

Pete Boomer

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