Frank Herbert's Dune

Starring: William Hurt, Julie Cox
20th Century Fox
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Certificate: 12
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The time is 10191 and on the desert planet Arrakis (Dune) the houses of Atreides has fallen after being at war with the Harkonnen empire. The victor claims the planet and its most valued resource - Spice Melange which allow its owner to fold space and travel to anywhere in the galaxy. A messiah has also arisen who will lead the indigenous inhabitants of Dune (the Fremen) into a holy war against the evil Harkonnen empire...

Right, that's the difficult part over - the synopses. If you have read the original novel then you will know what I mean! The late Frank Herbert's vision is unfilmable, or so I thought. The original mini-series was painful to watch. Starring Patrick Stewart (Star Trek's Captain Picard) and Sting - that is all anyone ever remembers about it. The plot was unfathomable and it was regarded as generally not very good!

Along comes Fox with a rework of the novel and hats off to them they have done the story proud. This stays faithful to the plot of the original (well, as close as you can for a filmed version). Stylistically the series is inspired - plenty of primary coloured eye candy to keep everyone's attention on how awesome the sets are - you see, desert planets don't have to be dull!

OK! You have to concentrate to keep up with what is going on. But there is never a dull moment and it is almost Shakespearean in its staging.

As well as the mini-series Fox throw a trailer, two feature length documentaries and a stills gallery with more than 300 images from the series.

There can't be a Frank Herbert fan left who hasn't heard the author's famous quote: "A lot of people have tried to film Dune. They all failed." Well Frank! I think Fox have managed to get as close to your vision as is possible!

Wonderfully entertaining.

Darren Rea

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