Knight Rider
Volume 2

Starring: David Hasselhoff
Universal Playback
Certificate: PG
Available now

Michael Knight lends his services to a racing team whose previous driver was the victim of foul play...

One wonders why Universal has decided not to release this series in the correct order from the beginning. Knight Racer, in common with the other two episodes on this disc, hails from 1985. This is the era of KITT's "super pursuit mode" (cue some very obviously speeded-up footage, and watch out for the other cars in the background).

This racetrack episode is something of a whodunit, with Michael (David Hasselhoff), KITT (voiced to prissy perfection by William Daniels) and Bonnie (Patricia McPherson) attempting to deduce who would gain the most from the racing team's failure. What is it with racetracks, anyway? An episode on The Incredible Hulk Volume 2 (see the review on this web site) uses a similar setting.

Knight Racer features a particularly unlikely and convenient gadget: an imprint reader that can highlight the incriminating impressions left on a notepad. No car should be without one. Of course, Michael could have just used a pencil to similar effect, but then this is Knight Rider! Further unnecessary vehicular intervention occurs when KITT throws out a grappling hook when Michael is thrown into the sea by a bad guy - as if he couldn't have swum ashore unaided! All in all, this episode is silly even by Knight Rider standards.


A passenger jet with Bonnie on board is hijacked by terrorists. Secure in an impregnable bunker, the terrorists threaten to kill the passengers unless their demands are met...

The stakes are higher than usual in Sky Knight, as Bonnie and her fellow passengers are faced with a threat that surely strikes fear into the heart of every air-traveller. Even before the tragic events of September 11, terrorist hijackings were a particularly emotive topic. Of course, this being Knight Rider, none of the innocent passengers end up getting killed.

X-Files fans should look out for Brian (alien bounty hunter) Thompson playing one of the gun-toting heavies in this exciting episode.


The entire Knight Industries 2000 team go undercover when a lethal bacteria falls into the wrong hands...

In accordance with the "sting" operation that takes place during Knight Sting, the slinky and swanky musical score for this episode evokes the generic signatures of gangster movies. Even KITT goes undercover, disguised as a collectable racing car in order to attract the attention of the wealthy but corrupt diplomat (Walter Gotell) who possesses the deadly germ.

There's a double treat here for Bond fans, who may recognise not only Gotell (better known as the recurring character of General Gogol in the movie series) but also Kabir Bedi. Bedi previously portrayed a villain's henchman, Gobinda, in Octopussy, and he plays a henchman once again here.

A tradition of this series is the "cute" scene in which an individual is surprised to hear KITT speaking. In this instance, as in the episode Knight Racer, the individual who has reason to doubt his own sanity is a prying mechanic.

Despite David Hasselhoff's boisterous attempts to steal the show, the car - as ever - remains the star. The result is jolly good fun.

Richard McGinlay

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