Blair Witch 2
Book of Shadows

Starring: Stephen Barker
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Certificate: 18
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The World has gone
Blair Witch crazy after the popularity of the original movie and several locals in Maryland (Where the movie was shot) are selling souvenirs and setting up ghost walks for tourists. One such walk is run by an ex-mental patient who takes a group of teenagers out into the woods on a Blair Witch hunt. Then people start to die...

I must be one of the few people alive who can claim not to have seen the Blair Witch Project - I just never got around to it. This movie does stand alone as a horror movie in its own right and is actually rather entertaining.

The movie is not particularly disturbing - mind you I have just seen Ring which freaked me out. And the whole production seems a little rushed - like most horror movies.

The additional The Secret of Esrever is an entertaining touch and tells you how to discover hidden clues in the movie.

One question though. I'd love to know why it is called Book of Shadow. There is no book in the movie and a book is never mentioned, so why even mention it?

Not a bad movie by any standards and it is certainly one which horror fans can watch time and time again to try and unlock the secret of Esrever.

Ray Thompson