Volume 2.4

Starring: Ben Browder and Claudia Black
Certificate: 15
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The bizarre story of John Crichton's journey through space with the crew of Moya continues with the release of Farscape Season 2 DVD 4. The opening episode of this four episode box set sees our hero back on Earth(?!!?) He may be home, but he is now in serious danger...

I think Lexx is about the only sci-fi series that's as bonkers (if not more so) as Farscape. Such is the design and concept of Farscape that one might be convinced it hurled itself straight out of the pages of a 'mature' comic book and onto our television screen - it really does have that feel about it.

On the surface, the series looks like it was intended for younger viewers, with gaudy, eye-catching sets and creatures, but that really isn't the case. There is a fair splattering of graphic violence, the odd expletive and a distinctly adult tone to every episode. Moments of comedy are few and far between, in fact matters can get distinctly grim - you know, executions, unrequited love, that sort of thing. Indeed, the uninitiated may have problems trying to reconcile Muppets in space (Farscape is produced by Jim Henson Television) with heads exploding and characters being tortured into insanity.

The thing is, though, Farscape is fabulous, as this particular volume demonstrates. The production values are tremendous, the scripts tight, the acting perfect and even the latex puppets that pass for members of the crew are tolerable.

Every episode is hugely watchable and, oh, that title music really gets the heart pounding! Viewers who like their story arcs will not be disappointed and neither will those who like things that go bang. The villains - happily - have no redeeming features whatsoever, wearing black and really going to extraordinary lengths to look the part, and the heroes of the piece represent an excellent mix of characters. You'll be sure to find your favourites.

So what are you waiting for? Get buying Farscape!

Jeff Watson

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