Vol 3

Starring: Dean Stockwell
Aviva International
Certificate: E
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The proof that world governments, multinational corporations and a number of religious organisations withhold critical data to misinform the public in a bid to further their own aims has long been debated. This series hopes to give an insight into this allegations and let the viewer decide for themselves...

Keeping the Faith: The Mystery of Mass Suicide examines the way in which thousands of individuals have been duped by the charismatic powers of cult leaders. Interestingly enough it is pointed out early on in this documentary that most popular religions that are around at present were actually shunned by society when they began - set up by fanatics and mad men. It examines one of the most famous mass suicides: Jim Jones and his followers in, Guyana (where on November 17 1978, 900 members of the People's Temple died after drinking cyanide laced punch) and the more recent Heaven's Gate cult - where 39 members killed themselves so that they could join aliens that were approaching Earth in the tail of a comet.

This documentary looks at the history of these two leaders and asks what could have happened to prevent this? It interviews past members of both cults and offers a view on why normal individuals would give up there lives for one man.

It is well balanced and compelling viewing.


Science Fraud: E=MC2 examines the cold fusion fiasco and the revelation of the Piltdown man as two of the greatest perpetuated facades in scientific history. As scientists are under increasingly greater pressure to achieve results in their chosen fields the failure to produce conclusive evidence often results in the withdrawal of research grants. How do these conflicts of interest impact the reliability of medical and scientific discovery and how do they affect our society? Scientists, it would seem, are not working in our best interests Scientists are constantly under pressure by their sponsors to provide results on research before they have even really begun. Also researchers are more inclined to perpetuate science fraud to keep their sponsors happy.

But maybe the worst shunning of the science profession, that of the debunking of the discovery of cold fusion, also resulted in the public ridicule of two well respected scientists. And why? Because if there theories had been taken seriously we may now have a cleaner, cheaper and more efficient source of power. While mankind and the environment would benefit the establishment would loose plenty. Therefore covering up the discovery has put mankind's research into this field back 40 years.

Scary stuff.

Ray Thompson