Vol 4

Starring: Dean Stockwell
Aviva International
Certificate: E
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The proof that world governments, multinational corporations and a number of religious organisations withhold critical data of misinform the public in a bid to further their own aims has long been debated. This series hopes to give an insight into this allegations and let the viewer decide for themselves...


Genesis Revisited examines the belief by many scientists and professors of archeology that mankind was put on this earth by aliens. "Oh, yeah!" I hear you cry. This stuff makes the Stargate series seem believable! But there is some pretty strong evidence to suggest that the human race was genetically engineered by aliens 6000 years ago and that we are nothing more than a genetic experiment undertaken by superior beings. And the scary thing is that it had me buying into this as well. It examines many ancient texts that describe in intimate detail information about our solar system that no ancient race could possibly be aware of. There will be one fact that will prove that this documentary is based on fact to the skeptic, and that will be when mankind finds the final planet in our solar system. According to the ancient race (who predicted all of the currently known planets) there is one final planet beyond Pluto.

This documentary has plenty of scientific information to back up its wild claims. However it never seems to go into very much detail yet, still somehow manages to drag beyond its 45 minute viewing time.

Although it's not supposed to be, it is quite a laugh. I challenge you to watch it and come away totally skeptical.


Irretrievably lost: The search for the Savannah bomb examines the amazing fact that an undisclosed number of nuclear weapons disappeared during the cold war - some through accidents, others just disappeared along with planes and men.

And that is the problem. It is a fact. The documentary interviews men who flew the planes that lost weapons due to pilot error and talks to experts who claim they know where some of the missing bombs are. Most of them are in oceanic areas and this is not disputed. What this documentary does is panic us into believing that one day soon these sunken nuclear bombs will corrode, spilling enough plutonium into the sea to pollute it forever. If you sleep sound in your bed after watching this then there is something wrong with you.

This is a good, gripping episode, but I'm not sure whether it warrants a full 45 minutes of air time.

Ray Thompson