Austin Powers
International Man of Mystery
Starring: Mike Myers
Certificate: 15
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During the swinging 60s Britain's top secret agent, Austin Powers, is cryogenically frozen. Over 30 years later he is thawed in order to thwart Dr Evil - who has also been frozen for 30 years. Now Powers must save the world from the diabolical fate Dr Evil has mapped out for it...

Spoof spy movies are pretty long in the tooth by now but this movie takes a new twist on the formula. Myers is brilliantly funny as both Austin Powers and Dr Evil. Liz Hurley is wonderful as Myers 'Power girl'. She is funny, sexy and elegant all at the same time.

The DVD presentation comes with a number of useful extras. This includes two alternative endings (which, thankfully were cut from the final movie) and commentary by Mike Myers and director Jay Roach. There is also a collection of deleted scenes which are worth viewing.

For Bond fans this is a must watch movie - it borrows so much from the early bond films - which will leave you with a warm glow inside. If you have a sense of humour you'll love it.

Ray Thompson